3 Grooming Mistakes That Can Ruin a Man’s First Impression

Date Posted:11 June 2018 

Grooming for men is an essential in a world where presentation means everything. It’s not about fitting-in, but making yourself feel good about yourself and more confident. Therefore, if men want to feel confident and leave a great first impression, it's imperative to pay attention to personal presentation.


However, male grooming is a very broad topic, and there is a lot to it. That's why it's hard not to make a mistake when it comes to grooming 'correctly’, there's a lot to consider.





If you’re trying your best in staying well-groomed but things aren’t working out well for you, you might be making these really simple grooming mistakes. So, have a look and see if you can relate:


Letting Your Beard And Mustache Go Wild

This is one of the most common grooming mistakes we see.  The beard and mustache can add a lot of oomph to your looks but when left shabby and untouched, they can sadly do the reverse.


It's common thought now that scrappy mustaches and beards are the trend of today. It's common for people to think that a 'wild’ look doesn't require attention, however it required weekly trimming in some areas.


In the name of trend and fashion, you can't leave your facial hair untouched, untrimmed, and unclean. This is one of the biggest mistakes that is committed daily.


If you're after a 'wild’ beard and moustache combo, keep them well-groomed, trimmed, and clean.


Your Nose And Ear Hair

Another thing that people notice in you and that can wholly ruin your first impression is when you have grown nose and ear hair. This is a clear sign that you don’t do much about your grooming and if you do, never ever leave your nose and ear hair unattended.


This is because unholy nose and ear hair presents you as an unhygienic, lazy person, thus can totally reverse any other efforts of setting a good first impression. It's a given – if you have overgrown hair in your nose or ears, you have got to trim them!


Your Body Posture

Your body language and body posture speak volumes about you. If you typically present with a straight body posture, it’s evident that you’re confident and presentable. Plus, you can add a charming smile as a cherry on the cake.


A slouched posture or rolled shoulders can hinder having a great first impression. Slouching subconsciously positions you as a weaker individual with less self-confidence. So, always make sure that you walk and stand straight.


For help, you can stand against a wall, touch your shoulders and elbows with the wall and gain the right body posture. With practice and a little bit of workout, you can get the right posture and can be all set to leave the best first impression on people you meet.


So, by avoiding these three grooming mistakes, you can make sure that you’re set to be confident and charming in any situation. Plus, you’re also not insecure when everything is right! You'll be the man!



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