3 Grooming Tips for Men to Arrive Fresh and Styled At a Party

Date Posted:28 May 2018 

When it comes to going to a party, social gathering, or even an office meeting men need to put in an effort and be prepared with how they present themselves.





To make this process more effective and help you prep up for whatever occasion, we have made some grooming tips that will help you.


1) Prepare Your Skin The Night Before

When it comes to skin, results generally don’t show instantly. When men shave, it takes time for their skin to become smooth and gain its natural oils again. The same happens when you develop a skincare or cleansing routine for your face.

Generally, this routine includes scrubbing or exfoliating, wearing a face mask or moisturising your skin for better results. If you plan on doing this a few hours before the party, you’re never going to gain the desired results. As it takes time for your skin to show results, follow a cleansing routine prior to the occasion.

Exfoliate your skin, give it a good massage, wear a face mask, and then clean it up. Apply a decent amount of moisturiser before you go to sleep. It’s been noted that when you cleanse your skin before hitting the bed, the results are even better!

2) Shave In The Morning

If you’re looking forward to pulling off a clean shaven look at the event but also want to look a little rough, you can shave in the morning. This is because most men usually get their afternoon shadow when they shave in the morning, so, you won’t look like you’ve just shaved.

However, if you want to look just as fresh as you look after a shower, you can shave a few hours before going to the event. It depends on the kind of look you’re seeking.

If you have a beard and don’t want to give up on it, you can have it trimmed and gelled for a clean and formal look. If you want a stubble, shave a few days before the event.

3) Smell Fresh

Parties, social gatherings, or meetings are mostly about the first impression. You get to meet new people and thus, in such cases, leaving a great first impression is what most men seek.

You wouldn’t want to smell bad or be exhausted from the day when you reach the event. Thus, if you’ve been working before the event, it is suggested that you go home first if possible, take a shower and change into fresh clothes. Before you leave for the party, don’t forget to wear cologne to smell fresh and good.

This not only helps you create a great impression but also boosts your confidence. If going home isn’t possible, you can carry your deodorant and perfume with you, so you can just spray a little and feel fresh again.



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