5 Easy Steps to a Better Shave

Date Posted:10 March 2017 

Whether it’s a full stubble or just whiskers, it needs to be done. Shaving, often considered a very simple process, can be a painful experience if you do not follow the practices correctly. A small mistake while shaving can leave your skin suffering from


Most men practice shaving every day, but seldom give a thought to following the best shaving practices. You may not realize, but putting a little more effort in your shaving routine can yield better results and benefit your skin too.

Here are 5 easy steps to a better shave which when integrated correctly in your shaving routine, can turn your morning chore into a spa-like indulgence-

Don’t Forget to Prep- The first and most important step to a close shave that doesn’t cause skin irritation or razor burn is to prepare your skin. Ensure that your facial hair are thoroughly wet because when the hair is swollen with water, they are quite weak, and easy to cut. Shaving in the shower is an ideal way to ensure your beard is thoroughly wet. Experts recommend hot water shower as it opens the pores, thus avoiding nicks and cuts.

Lather up- Next step is to use a good quality shaving cream to lather up. It should contain a high concentration of lubricants and moisturisers. The best shaving creams create a rich creamy lather and do not foam up- ‘the less foaming in the shaving cream the better.’ Applying a shaving cream will lubricate your face, which makes the razor glide smoothly and effortlessly.

Use Quality Razors and Change Blades Often- Another important step to a close shave is to use a quality razor. Pick a good quality razor and ensure the blades are sharp. A dull blade will not give a smooth shave and can make your skin prone to cuts and nicks. So, consider changing the blades often. The simple rule of thumb is to change your blade every three to ten shaves (if you shave every day). However, if you feel the blade is dull, just ditch it (regardless of the number of shaves).

Rinse Your Face With Cold Water- A cold water splash is just a wonderful way to end a perfect shave. It will help remove the shaving cream, if it is remaining and also close your pores and tightens the facial skin.

Finish With an After Shave Lotion- As you know shaving along with facial hair can remove up to two layers of skin. The shaving cream can dry out the skin. So, it is important to use a good quality aftershave lotion. An aftershave will help replenish the lost moisture and soothe your skin.

Integrating these steps in your shaving routine will help you get a closer and smoother shave. 

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