5 Habits of Well-Groomed Men

Date Posted:24 December 2018 

When it comes to caring for skin and hair, we always practice a grooming routine.


Just as your car needs more than a yearly wax and polish to keep its showroom appearance, we all need to follow a regimen that helps us to look our best, making the first impressions count.


So, what does a well-groomed man need? Keep reading for the best tips & habits to keep yourself looking sharp and ready for anything!



Here’s a brief on what industry experts reveal about the things that handsome men have in common.


They seek out the right scents

“Men who smell great have usually set aside time to explore the field and discover what works best with their skin chemistry and personality,” says James Craven, a fragrance archivist at independent perfumers Les Senteurs.


The secret of men who have come up roses is they know how to sniff out scents that suit them.


Sun protection

Yes, the direct skin exposure to sun is harmful, even on dull winter days. It can lead to premature ageing and DNA damage. So, apply sunscreen before you step out of the house, preferably of SPF 15. When the sun is stronger, opt for an SPF 30.  


“You should be using a sunscreen combined with a collection of potent antioxidants,” advises Dr Des Fernandes, co-author of Vitamin A Skin Science- a Scientific Guide to Healthy Skin. “The most important antioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10,” further quoted.



According to a survey by the British Dental Health Foundation, “More than 10 percent of guys would rather clean the toilet than floss their teeth every day. Moreover, it is scientifically proved that minor gum disease can link up to major heart disease.


“Brushing cleans three to five surfaces of your teeth, so it’s important that you clean between your teeth every day,” says the foundation’s CEO, Dr Nigel Carter.


Regularly exfoliate

“If you want a better shave, get into the habit of using hot water and a face scrub before shaving,” says Daniel Davies, manager at Pall Mall Barbers in London. “This prepares skin for the shave, lifts hair and reduces the chance of razor burn and ingrown hair.”


Get a good quality exfoliator and use regularly. It will remove the dead layer of the skin, helping in regeneration of new cells.


Hair care
“Shampooing is not something you should ever do aggressively,” says celebrity hairstylist Jamie Stevens. “Gentle circular motions are just as effective as a good scrub but will cause less damage to the follicles. Guys should also get into the habit of patting their hair dry with a towel as opposed to vigorously rubbing it to avoid unnecessary hair loss and breakage.”


Invest in a good quality shampoo that removes dirt and dandruff while promoting healthy and smooth hair.



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