5 New Year Grooming Resolutions All Men Should Make

Author: Crisp Social   Date Posted:25 January 2017 


The word ‘grooming’ does not have to mean spending hours at a professional salon.  Sometimes, it can refer to enhancing your appearance with just a few small steps to your everyday routine.

While many of you have already set, and likely abandoned, the stock-standard New Year fitness resolutions, it’s not too late to make some real changes to your grooming routine! After all, it’s much easier than curling barbells and cycling off Christmas
Ditch the nonsense and get back to basics with our blueprint for grooming success in 2017-

Learn To Wash Your Face- Most cheap bar soaps strip your skin of the oil it naturally produces and needs, leaving it feeling flaky and dry. To remove surface dirt but retain moisture, use a small pea-sized amount of mild gel or foaming face wash. Do this twice a day, in the morning and at night, before patting your face dry with a towel and moisturising.

Moisturising Is Key-
Still think moisturising is embarrassingly metro? Moisturising your skin is essential to keep it looking smooth and feeling healthy, there is just no two ways about it! You should always wash your face first and then moisturise your face and neck by rubbing gently.

Care For Facial Hair- Many men ignore their facial hair, but it needs your time and attention. Whether you’re into stubble or full-fledged beards, remember it takes
time to look good! However, if you prefer a clean shave, then shave with rather than against the grain. Although shaving against the grain might seem like it gives the smoothest finish, it actually roughly pulls the hair up and away from the face, resulting in the increased likelihood of nicks and ingrown hairs.

Slather On Sunscreen Like It’s Your Job- It doesn’t matter whether it’s the peak of summer or dead of winter, UV radiation does its darnedest each and every day to damage your skin and age your face. So, get in the habit of applying sun protection every morning. Choose a good quality sunscreen, especially one with SPF 30 or above, and apply before going out in the sun.

Do Not Skimp On Haircuts- Believe it or not, we often ignore the importance of regular haircuts. Though we care how we look, we seem to forget that the best way to stay looking good with zero effort is to just get a bloody haircut! You don’t even have to do it, you can totally pay someone else to do a good job – so do it! A solid ‘do’ will boost your confidence and ensure you look amazing with absolutely zero effort!

Adopting these important grooming resolutions in 2017 will change your life – and your skin!


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