Body Language Tips for Men - Confidence 101

Date Posted:25 June 2018 

Your body language plays arguably the most important role when you’re in social situations. This is because people usually judge you first by your appearance and then by your body language, before you even have a chance to open your mouth.


This goes especially in the situations that include formal social gatherings, office parties, or meetings. So, when it comes to male grooming, you don’t just need to focus on your appearance but you also need to work on your body language.





Now, how can that be done? Here are a few tips that you can follow:


Work On Your Posture


Your posture makes you look active, lazy, confident, or submissive. You have full control of what impression you leave about yourself through your body posture.


Now, to give out the impression that you’re a confident man, you need to adopt the right body posture. The best way to do this is to stand in front of a mirror, and practice your stance.


Do you look confident when you look at your reflection? If not, alter your posture accordingly.


The best body posture to give out a confident impression is to pull your shoulders back and stand with your back straight. Make sure you don’t slouch or stand with your stomach out.


Your chin must be up and you must also crack a smile.

If your posture isn't naturally good because of continuous sitting at work and home, you can improve it by:

  • Joining the gym and doing the right workout for better posture
  • Joining yoga classes to practice different positions to attain a good body posture, naturally

Therefore, posture if the number one factor you should be monitoring to achieve a flawless body posture.

Avoid Signs That Show You’re Nervous

There are certain signs in one’s body language that present them as a nervous person with low self-confidence. These signs are: -          

  • Fidgeting
  • Touching your face too much
  •  Looking away from the person you’re talking to
  • Walking without conviction


Make sure that you don’t show these signs even if you’re nervous in social situations. You can cover them up by standing straight, behaving calmly, wearing an apt smile, and by showing signs of confidence such as a firm handshake, and clearly projecting your voice.


Sit With Intention & Confidence


Whether you're at a meeting, dinner or lunch, make sure you sit with intention and confidence.


There is a different body posture that you must adopt while you’re sitting. You must make sure that you adopt a power pose when you sit. This will help you leave a good impression.


With these tips in mind and a drive to achieve and implement them into your routine, you’ll soon be able to adopt a confident body language and leave a confident and positive first impression in all kinds of social situations.


So, go and stand in front of the mirror to practice that confident pose!


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