Choose a Sunscreen Lotion Based on Your Skin

Date Posted:21 May 2018 

Ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun can hit your skin hard and cause skin burns and other damages, so it is essential to protect your skin from sun rays. Use a sunscreen lotion with either SPF15 or SPF30 to stay away from skin problems. It is vital to choose the best sunscreen depending on your skin. Below are the details:




Sunscreen for Dry Skin or Face

Many people have dry skin because of dehydration, being in a dry environment, washing their face or hands frequently, constant sun exposure or swimming in a pool with high chlorine levels. Those who have dry skin should use a moisturiser with a good  SPF.


Moisturisers can hydrate your skin and make the outer layer softer and contain artificial and natural oils. The highest quality moisturisers usually contain the following ingredients:


Glycolic Acid- It is found naturally in grapes and sugarcanes. It can exfoliate, hydrate the skin, and moisturize it throughout the day.


Aloe Vera- It is the most common treatment for sunburn, and can soak in quickly. This works well with the most sensitive of skin.


Lactic acid, glycerin, linoleic acid, and triglycerides are also some other active ingredients present in moisturizers.


Sunscreen for the Oily Skin

Our skin contains sebaceous glands which produce natural oils. If you already have oily skin, then you may produce even more oil, which will give a thick and heavy oily texture to the skin and causes blemishes, clogged pores and pimples.


Oily skin can happen for several reasons, such as genetics, diet, cosmetic products, hormones and pregnancy. It is best to use a fast drying and light/free oil formula products to remove excess oil or decrease the oil production.


The best products generally include zinc oxide and titanium as the main ingredients. These are gentle, non-comedogenic and very water resistant.


Sunscreen for Aging Skin

How the skin ages depends on numerous factors including lifestyle, diet, personal habits, and heredity.


Still, sun exposure is the biggest culprit in aging skin. Too much sun exposure with little-no protection can damage certain fibers in the skin called elastin, resulting in skin burn, loss of skin elasticity, and other skin issues.


Use a sunscreen lotion that contains anti-aging primer. It will provide great protection from UVB and UVA rays by preventing radical damage while still replenishing the skin.


Wrapping up

Sunscreen lotion is essential to protect skin from damages. Use the best one according to your skin type.  


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