Common Habits that Destroys Your Skin

Date Posted:26 November 2018 

We all know the basics to taking care of our skin. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, choose the right products, use sunscreen and don’t pop those white heads.


However, even if you are following all that, there are a few habits that are wreaking havoc on your skin.



Here are a few habits that need to be avoided in order to prevent skin sabotaging-

Passing on the post-workout shower- Often, people ignore the post-workout shower. But do you know overlooking the post-workout cleanliness can leave you in sticky, smelly situation? Moreover, the sweat session can lead to acne, clogged pores, buildup bacteria and other icky irritations. So, it is always best to rinse off immediately after exercising.  

Rough scrubbing- Treat your facial skin with care. Remember what you’re cleansing, soft skin, not your torso or leg. You always need to take care of your face. Always wash and exfoliate with a gentle hand. Harsh scrubbing can cause redness, blotches and lead to formation of wrinkles. Also, note the skin under eyes is thinnest and most delicate, so be very gentle.  

Stress- Stress and anxiety are quite common these days. However, prolonged stress can have a severe impact on your skin. It can cause dryness and result in skin aging. So, it is important that you don’t let stress dominate your life, and get involved in meditation practices that calms your mind and body. In turn, your skin will thank you.

Inadequate sleep- A restful sleep is very important for a healthy body. Insufficient sleep spells doom for a variety of physical and mental elements, including your skin. When you aren’t able to get your required Zs, your skin appears much more dull and fine lines become more prominent.

Forgetting to moisturise- How many of you believe that oily skin doesn’t need moisturising? Think again. Every skin type can benefit from added hydration, even the oily and acne-prone. The key is choosing the right moisturiser for your slick skin type. Get a product that is lightweight and offers speedy absorption.   

So, make sure you aren’t practicing any of these bad habits and you’re following a skincare routine.

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