DIY Tips for Men to Have Clean and Attractive Feet

Date Posted:26 May 2017 

Many professionals work in salons to groom men’s ugliest appendage. We’re talking about their scrawny, bushy, callus-ridden feet, which after a few months hidden away from the world are perhaps unfit for public display.
There is a solution, scheduling an appointment with a professional for a feet pedicure. In this process, your feet will be scraped, removing dry skin, ingrown nails, and soften skin using different soaks and ointments. However, there are several steps that you can incorporate at home to have more attractive hooves.
Follow today’s DIY tips!
Remove Hard Skin: Profuse, hard, yellow skin on the heels and balls of the feet not only looks unappealing, but it can also result in cracking, dryness, and give birth to numerous bacteria. Use a foot file or pumice stone to slowly remove cracking skin and reinstate feet to their former glory.
It takes some time to remove hard skin that is built up over weeks or even months. So, soak your feet for 10 minutes to soften it and then dry thoroughly before filing. Do this weekly and you will surely see a huge difference in a short time!
Take Care of your Toenails: Do not neglect your nails as it can result in some ugly concerns, such as ingrown and fungal infections. Trim and clean your toenails using a brush to remove dead skin, and bacteria build up.
Keep in mind to cut toenails straight across as trimming the sides can lead to ingrown nails. Use clippers to cut your nails to the desired length, and then file them to smooth edges to an oval shape.
Make Sure your Feet do not Stink: Our body has over two million sweat glands, and 250,000 of them are found on the feet. Due to scorching summers, and continuously wearing shoes for hours, these sweat glands kick into overdrive, making our feet stinky.
It is best to alternate shoes to give them time to dry up. If still foot odor persists, it could be due to Hyperhidrosis. You can use an antibacterial soap, foot talc and try changing your socks during the day to counter foot odour.
Moisturise your Feet Daily: After removing dead skin and trimming nails, it is essential to moisturise your feet daily to avoid dryness and cracking. So, before you go to bed, remember to wash your feet and moisturise them properly. Also, ensure that whenever you wear open shoes, apply sunscreen lotion to minimize tanning.
Schedule an Appointment with a Professional to have a Pedicure: Today, pedicures have become a necessity to maintain clean and attractive feet. So, visit a proficient professional who can give you an in-depth pedicure. There are different types of pedicures available in the market. Choose any of them according to your budget and condition of your feet. These can range from complete maintenance to tailored treatments using moisturising foot masks, to cutting edge services where equipment is used to remove hard skin and calluses.
If you follow these tips, it’s a given that you’ll have attractive feet.

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