Easy Ways for Men to Look Glamourous Instantly

Date Posted:16 October 2017 

Looking glamourous is not about dropping wads of cash on new clothes or buying expensive skincare products. Instead, it includes little things that can make a big difference and step up your style in a split second. Follow the tips below to look glamourous instantly:




Measure Yourself- It is essential to know your exact measurements before buying clothing. There is no use having shorts that look more like three-quarter lengths or suits that don’t fit exactly right. If you do not know your exact measurements, visit a local tailor or alteration specialist who can provide you a complete set of accurate readings. This will save your time, effort, and money in the long run.


Freshen Up- Your favourite clothes can sometime develop an off-putting funk. Freshen them up with an impromptu dry-cleaning by hanging the apparels on the bathroom door while you take a hot shower. You can also remove odour from the smelly clothes by applying a little vodka, then leave the clothes in a well-ventilated area to dry. Vodka has the ability to kill odour-causing bacteria, leaving your clothes smelling good as new.


Plan ahead- Planning what you will wear in advance gives you more time to focus on the details. You’ll have more time to pair up accessories with your outfit so you look glamourous.


Start carrying a bag- Sunglasses, phone, and keys are the prime accessories of most men. It’s a good idea to keep them in a bag.  Carrying a bag may seem like a hassle; however, leaving a place with unappealing bulges in your trousers or suit jacket looks worse. A good bag can significantly improve your looks. Carry a sleek leather backpack or an eye-catching tote to inject life into a staid suit.


Care for your leather- Leather jackets can enhance your look, but make sure it is neat and clean. Always wipe stains off leather with a damp cloth. Use a leather conditioning cream regularly to prevent unnecessary dryness.


Take pride in your shoes- Your shoes are one of the first things people notice about you, so you want to be sure to keep them in A-one condition. Small nicks and scratches can take your nicest pair down a notch. Clean and polish to keep them looking best and ensure their longevity. Well-polished shoes show that you are a man who takes pride in his looks and pays attention to the finer details.


Much like hair and skincare, your clothes and accessories leave a lasting impression on those around you. Use the tips we provided to look well-groomed and stylish, and you’ll never have to worry about what others think again. They’ll tell you how great you look.


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