Grooming Tips for the Gym Addicts

Date Posted:17 December 2018 

Exercising to lose weight, build muscle or increase strength requires a lot of patience and dedication. Focus and determination are the keys to reach your fitness target. When it comes to fitness, hygiene and grooming are also important aspects of gym life!



1.  Bring your own hand towel (if it isn’t provided at the gym) and use it to clean your sweat from your body and the equipment that you use.

2.  Always bring your own razors for shaving and use Shaver Guard to keep your electric razor staying clean & performing at its best!

3.  Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated

4.  Carry a stylish yet laid-back gym bag (your choice of brand).

5.  Manage the area below the belt to take care of odor issues. Manage the hair down there by trimming and get rid of the musky smell by using a talc-based powder.

6.  Always carry a deodorant with other accessories in your gym bag. It doesn’t matter if you use spray, clear gel or whatever scent and flavor, just use it.

7.  Instead of using gel, use a wax or pomade for your hair while working out. When you sweat, the gel can run down into your eyes, and leave you miserable during your workout.

8.  Maintain your pearly whites by flossing and brushing. You should brush twice a day and at least for 2-minutes each time. Visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy.

9.  It’s essential to wash your face after exercising to avoid a breakout.

Following these tips will help you to stay well-groomed and feel fresher while exercising at the gym. Put a little effort for some minor lifestyle changes along with exercising!


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