Having Trouble Cleaning Those Ears? Simple Tricks to Have Cleaner Ears Than Ever Before!

Date Posted:9 April 2018 

Do your ears get blocked up and dirty? Many of us try to clean them with sharp objects. If this is you, you’re taking a big risk... Ears are one of the most sensitive body parts. Just like your hair, skin, and eyes, the ears also collect dust from the environment. By practicing wrong techniques in maintaining clean ears, you are jeopardising your future ability to hear. It is recommended to follow the below practices to cleanse your precious ears of that dirty wax.


Note: Do not follow these methods if you have an ear condition, or have been advised against it by your medical professional.


Salt Water: Using salt water is one of the easiest ways you can remove ear wax at home. Salt water softens the hard ear wax, therefore, making easier for you to remove wax hassle-free.


Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon salt into 1/4 cup warm water. Tilt the affected ear upward and place 3-4 drops of saline water using a dropper or cotton ball into the ear. Keep your ear tilted for 3-5 minutes and then in the opposite direction to drain out the saline solution. Use a dry cloth to remove the softened wax.


Baking Soda: You can even use baking soda to remove excessive earwax. Combine 1/4 baking soda with two tablespoon water to make a solution. Put a few drops in your ear for 5 minutes and then use a dry cloth to remove the softened wax.


Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen Peroxide can easily liquefy the hardened wax. Avoid using this solution if you had any surgery or a hole or tube in the eardrum. Do not use hydrogen peroxide above 3.5% dilution.


Mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide in 97% of water. Use a dropper and put a few drops of this solution in your ear. Leave it for 5-7 minutes, and clean softened wax using a soft cloth.


Olive Oil: Olive oil can remove accumulated earwax and reduces the risk of infection because of its antiseptic properties. Warm olive oil and pour it in a dropper. Put a few drops into the affected ear for 5 minute to soften wax. Remove the wax using a dry cloth.


Glycerin: Due to its highly lubricating nature and moisturising properties, it can loosen hardened and blocking wax. Put 3-4 drops of glycerin in the affected ear for a few minutes. Now dry the ear using a soft towel or hand-held dryer.


Bottom line

If you’re searching for a safe, natural and effective way to remove that stubborn and difficult earwax, all of these remedies will promote healthier and cleaner ears!


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