How to Groom those Pesky Nose Hairs like a Boss

Date Posted:12 November 2018 

Nose hair grooming is one of the challenging processes that every guy needs to get through. As you get older, your hair starts growing in places where you don’t really want it to. You’re losing it on your head but gaining it on your back, ears and even nose.


Nobody likes long nose hair. Isn’t it the worst when you see long hairs sprouting out of someone’s nose?


“Nose hair should almost never be plucked”, says Dr. Jason A. Moche, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) at Columbia University Medical Center. “The best approach is to purchase a hair trimmer which is designed specifically for nose hairs.



“Also, if you pluck your nose hair, you could invite infection- especially given that your nose is essentially a vacuum that sucks up dirt and dust every other second of every day”, Moche added further.  


How to trim nose hair?


This is the big question- how to trim your nose hair? First of all, you need the right type of scissors or look for a high quality electric nose hair trimmer. There are a few specialised scissors to cut nose hair. You should not go with nail or cuticle scissors as there is a risk of injury. Instead, get one that is especially created for grooming the nose.


Nose hair trimmers are another great way to get rid of those unwanted nose hairs. There are two types available- manual hair trimmers and battery-powered trimmers. Manual nose hair trimmers are small in size, easy to carry and compact.


Battery-powered nose hair trimmers operate on batteries and move in a circular motion due to the shape of the blade. They are more effective than manual trimmers, as there’s no need to manually slave away, tweezing those hard to reach hairs.


Nose hair waxing


This’s a more painful method but it’s definitely a long term solution. You may have heard about it, or maybe even tried it. Waxing... It doesn’t matter how tough you think you are, the pain will be excruciating.


For those who do not want to keep trimming their nose hair every few weeks, waxing is a good solution. However, you need to do your research to ensure your waxing technique is correct. If you can’t research this, see your health care professional.


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