How to Prevent the Excess Oily Skin in Men?

Date Posted:10 June 2019 

Nobody wants to walk around with shiny, oily face that reflects the sun better than solar panels.


For many men, oily skin is a big concern. Wiping the oils with tissues all day is not at all pleasing. The oily skin not only affects your appearance but can also lead to acne.



Though you need some oil on your face to keep it hydrated, the problem is excess oil. The presence of excess oil can lead to acne problems which are difficult to handle at a point. But, how to get rid of oily skin?


Here are a few tips that can help you combat excess oil-


Facial Cleanse                            

Get the best quality facial cleanser and wash your face twice a day; once in the morning and then before you go to sleep. However, be careful to not over wash your face as it can excessively dry out the skin- causing breakouts and even worse, excess oil production. Always keep in mind an ordinary soap can dry your skin and strip away the natural oils, so it is important to get a facial cleanser.



Using a facial scrub is vital to deal with oily skin. It can help remove dead skin cells and other build up that can accumulate due to your overactive sebaceous glands. Get a good exfoliator and gently apply over your face usually at the end of day. Furthermore, exfoliation is recommended is two times a week.



Even with oily skin, moisturising the face is important. The skin needs moisture, otherwise it will create extra oil as a layer of protection. Get an oil-free moisturiser for your skin and apply twice a day.

Moisturising is important as it keeps the facial skin energized and help in preventing the signs of aging.


Drink plenty of water

To keep your skin hydrated, drinks lots of water and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, it will help prevent the occurrence of acne.


Stay away from steroids

How many of you are taking steroids to develop some awe-inspiring musculature? But, have you ever thought about the side-effects caused by these steroids? Acne is the most common side-effect of steroids, followed by oily skin.


The steroids make muscles bigger; this is exactly what they do to the sebaceous glands, thus making the skin oilier.


Follow the above mentioned skincare tips and prevent the excess oil in your skin.




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