Nine Tips for Men Boast Healthy and Glowing Skin

Date Posted:23 April 2018 

Achieving glowing and vibrant skin is everyone’s goal. However, it is easier said than done. Stress, emotional distress, poor diet or illness will ultimately manifest itself on your face. Prolonged body issues could be detrimental in the long run. The below tips will highlight some tips and tricks to enhance your skin, and radiate a glow every day!



1) Maintain hydration and oil balance Our face produces oil and moisture naturally from our pores. We should not hinder this natural process, and is recommended to use hydrating and oil-enhancing products to maintain a healthy balance. Using skin products and cleaners in excess can potentially damage your facial balance of natural oils.


2) Use high quality skin products In today’s age, getting information about anything is simple and remarkably quick. Do your own research when looking for skin care products, and consult your local general practitioner, or dermatologist for recommendations on the products you can, and should use.


3) Wash your hands This tip is crucial, however, is commonly overlooked. Our hands come in contact with numerous surfaces and germs daily. So you don’t pass on the same germs onto your face and skin, it is recommended to wash your hands regularly with ‘sensitive’ soap.


4) Eat better The concerns on your face and skin are an outward manifestation of what is going on inside you. Prolonged stress or bad dietary habits can damage your skin. Eat more natural foods, such as fruits, green vegetables, and probiotic type foods to improve your digestion and gut bacteria, which will in-turn reflect in your overall skin complection.


5) Avoid harsh soaps Gone are the days when a bar of soap was all you needed to keep yourself clean. It can disturb the pH levels of your skin. Use a gentle cleanser for cleaning your facial pores.


6) Use cleanser, toner and moisturiser regularly The cleanser, toner and moisturiser combo will help in maintaining a lush and youthful look. It is recommended to add this to your daily schedule to reap incredible results!


7) Moisturise Typically, individuals who have acne-prone skin are afraid to use oil-based moisturisers. But, if your skin is not oily and isn’t susceptible to acne, then don’t be afraid of moisturising oils. Moisturising oils are actually very healthy for the skin! Moisturise daily to help maintain that healthy look and smooth feel of your skin. It is also recommended to use SPF solutions to maximise results.


8) Use eye cream We are susceptible to those dark bags under our eyes after a few long nights or prolonged lack of sleep/insomnia. If this is you, start using eye creams, and over time, those bags will reduce in intensity, and will restore the skin under your eyes.


9) Exercise It isn’t a new fact that exercise is healthy for us ALL. Exercise is, in many circumstances, the best solution for health-related issues. In terms of skin care, jogging or swimming can boost the oxygen amount your lungs can hold, and will in-turn, replenish blood circulation. These workout routines can improve the vitality and vibrancy of your face. As blood circulates more freely, your face appear, and present brighter than before.


Wrapping Up

These are only a few tips in maintain the health and look of your face. If you wish to look younger and healthier than ever, give them a go, and adopt some/all of them, and you will have better looking skin than ever before!


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