Revealed - Top 5 Grooming Myths. Must Read

Date Posted:24 September 2018 

Ok guys, are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution to follow an exercise routine, healthy food intake, and grooming routine?

Are they bringing results?

Here we reveal the top 5 grooming myths.


“The realities of grooming are often a lot more nuanced than the overblown marketing makes out.”

Shaving increases facial hair growth

Sam Norsworthy, Store Manager at Ruffian’s Marylebone said, "It does to a degree but very minimally. It will give you healthier facial hair coming through, which may appear thicker because it's not damaged. But in general, facial hair growth is a pre-determined genetic factor. You can't start with wispy facial hair, shave for a few years and all of a sudden look like a Viking."  


Spots occur by using different skincare products


Some people get spots straight away when they initially begin using products, but that's just the skin adjusting. Moisturiser reduces the chance of spots because when you exfoliate your face you wash off all the natural oils, so you need to replace that moisture that you've washed off. If you don't your body will start to produce the moisture itself in the form of oil. If you have naturally oily skin, just use lighter products", quoted Sam Norsworthy.

Too much exfoliation can damage skin

"Exfoliation is almost always a good thing, especially for men with beards. It doesn't take off any of the healthy skin, and it gets rid of the dead skin. What is crucial is to choose a quality exfoliator. Good ones use sand, natural grit or stone. Bad ones are essentially face wash with plastic beads in”, says Sam Norsworthy.

Beards don’t need to be washed as much as other hair

Sam Norsworthy also quoted, "You eat through the middle of it so you're going to have more debris, dirt, and other things getting in it than the hair on your head. Some guys have more hair in their beard than their head but they'll shampoo their head and not wash their beard.”

Moisturise after every shower

Do you need to moisturise after every shower? Sam Norsworthy said, "There's isn't a one size fits all rule with this one, as a lot of it depends on skin type. Some people have naturally oily skin so when you moisturise it can end up looking really oily."

Essentially, it’s important to know your skin and body type, then practice a grooming routine that’s right for you.

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