The Benefits of Exfoliating Regularly

Date Posted:7 January 2019 

It’s commonly thought that exfoliation is a women’s practice. This blog will explain the benefits of exfoliating for men, and how it can make a huge difference in appearance.



First, let’s understand what exfoliation is.


It is the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin (quite often the face) using exfoliators.

Exfoliating your face results in more smooth, youthful and glowing skin. Men would benefit more from exfoliation than women. It is a known fact that men have thicker and often more oily skin than women. Scrubbing helps by softening and toning your skin.

Exfoliation unclogs pores, keeps your skin clean and reduces acne breakouts. It becomes a vital step of your skincare routine, especially if you work outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why you should exfoliate regularly-

Remove dirt & grime

Whether the dirt is accumulated from a day’s work or a long workout session at gym, exfoliation will help you the next day. There are some days when you need a little extra than your daily cleanser. Using a face scrub will clean your skin deeply, leaving you with a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.  


Flawless skin


Exfoliation will help control the build-up of sebum (a naturally occurring oil in skin which causes clogged pores), dirt & grime and therefore will help to control spots and blemishes.


Better shaving


When you exfoliate your face before shave, it has its own advantages. It softens your skin and unclogs the pores so that the razor can glide smoothly on your face. Also, it helps lift tough beard hair, and also removes and prevents nasty ingrown hairs.  


How often should you exfoliate?


While exfoliation offers a number of benefits to your skin, over scrubbing will strip away the natural oils and dry out your skin. This can result in your skin being more prone to breakouts and acne. It is best to scrub your face twice a week, any more than this can result in the above.

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