Tired of Excessive Sweat? Find Out How to Manage the Unmanageable

Date Posted:21 January 2019 

We all get tired of excessive sweating. Chafed thighs, swamp ass, back acne. It’s a real issue for many men.


Hyperhidrosis, the term used for ‘extreme perspiration’ is a serious problem that affects millions of men who sweat four to five times more than normal.



If you’re tired of excessive sweating, here are a few tips that will help you stay cooler, drier and sweat-free.


Cut back on caffeine

Your morning pick-me-up routine can be a reason for your excessive sweating. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system which activates your sweat glands. The heat from the beverage can also make your body feel hot. You can skip the hot cuppa for an iced coffee instead (especially in the Summertime). Another smart choice would be to get your caffeine from a food source instead of a drink.


Use an Antiperspirant

Getting the right deodorant is only half the battle. It will help mask the stench that comes from excessive sweating but it won’t stop the sweating. For this, you should get an antiperspirant that plugs your sweat glands to actively prevent excessive sweat.


Dress strategically

Yes, if you sweat excessively, the right pants and shirt is imperative. Stick to cool and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. Change your shoes and socks regularly and don’t put on anything that is already soaked in sweat. Also, go for dark coloured clothes as they hide sweat to an extent.


Hold the heat

Spicy foods have plenty of benefits but they can cause excessive sweating. Spicy foods and caffeine can activate your brain’s neurotransmitters that indicate you are in danger, thus activating the fight or flight response. This results in stress-related sweating. So, avoid spicy foods if you sweat excessively.


Consult a doctor

If all else fails, getting a medical examination is important. You should consult a doctor. For the people who sweat excessively, there are doctor prescribed fixes. The least invasive options are prescription-grade antiperspirants and oral medications that block nerve impulses to your sweat glands.


However, first you should go for natural ways to stop excessive sweating. Research has shown that integrating these tips can help you stay cooler and smelling fresh. Consulting a doctor should be your final option if all else fails.


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