Top Six Beard Styles for a Dapper Look

Date Posted:16 April 2018 

There are endless options available for you when choosing a facial hair style. There are a plethora of style options out there for every man - different styles suiting different facial structures - the below tips will help you choose the best style for yourself! 





Certain men avoid rockin’ a long full beard because it requires a decent amount of attention, like using beard oil regularly, brushing, and beard shampoo/conditioner. On the contrary, several men think the benefits of such a beard far outweigh the detriments, and would never go for a shorter beard style. This article will educate about the many potential  different facial hair style options available. 


Balbo- It is the combination of a sculpted mustache, soul patch, and chin hair. This style is best for men who have a narrow chin and want to portray their confidence and authority.


Balbo Returns- Some men love the balbo style, however they want a little more beard than goatee. This is called the Balbo Returns or the Balbo Beard. The Balbo is a sectioned beard and the mustache does not connect. It includes a soul patch and beard hair that is shaped so that it looks like a giant upside down letter T.


Clean shaven- Many men prefer a clean shave as it looks clean and tidy. For the corporate world, a clean shave is never out of fashion. The best thing is that the clean shaven look suits basically all facial structures. Grab your trimmers and razors to remove that facial fluff!


Circle beard- This is the best look for round and oval face shapes. It is a combination of mustache and a rounded goatee beard style that presents very clean and tidy.


Extended goatee- Or also referred to as the tailback or the Hollywoodian, and is a combination of a goatee and a mustache. Those who have square and oval face shape should go for it. Grow medium stubble before shaping your beard. Take off the hair on the sideburns and adjust the width according to your preferences. Do not take remove the moustache.


Friendly mutton chops- Also known as the sideburns or side whiskers, and is best for men who have circular or square face shapes. Grow your sideburns and mustache until they meet. Shave the hair on your chin until the lower lip area. Keep your sideburns growing until they become fluffy.


Final words

Beard style can add contrast and dimension to your face. Choose the particular style that looks great on you according to your facial structure and features (and with a little bit of trial and error)!


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