What is Aftershave and Why Men Should Use it?

Date Posted:13 May 2019 

Shaving is practiced by most men to remove the unwanted beard hair and get a clean, fresh look.


However, sometimes it can take more than just hair off your face. Shaving can actually remove shards of your top layer of skin.


Though shaving is safe, the razor gliding across the face to remove beard hair can leave the skin susceptible to irritation. The nicks and cuts can create an entry point for bacteria.



Fortunately, there is a solution. Using an aftershave will keep your skin moisturised and irritation free.


If you really want to avoid that dry, tight feeling, it is important to use a good quality after shave balm, gel or lotion. It will moisturise, calm and cool your skin.


What is an aftershave?


In simple words, aftershave is anything applied to skin right after shaving. It can be a cream, lotion or gel, or even an oil.


Aftershave is directly applied onto your face, the minute you wipe your face with a towel at the end of shaving.


But, why using an aftershave is important?


Initially, men started applying aftershave as a way to prevent infection. Shaving involves a sharp blade scraping off the surface of your skin.


Cuts and nicks are commonplace while shaving. But, leaving the cuts unprotected leads to severe infections. So, aftershave is recommended.


Here are a few benefits of an aftershave lotion-


  • An aftershave can arrest the bleeding caused by shaving
  • Helps in faster healing of facial skin
  • It has a soothing effect on the skin
  • Keep the skin pores clean and bacteria-free
  • Prevent the occurrence of acne
  • Can help a man feel more confident

Now, the question arises which aftershave is the most effective for your skin.

Usually, men make use of alcohol-based aftershave products. But, what the skin really needs after shaving is moisturiser.


Experts recommend you to use moisturiser based aftershave lotion that will hydrate your skin. The alcohol-based aftershave can kill the bacteria as it does have a sterilizing effect. But, the alcohol-based aftershave can make your skin dry.


Go for moisturiser-based aftershave. The main purpose of a moisturising aftershave is to rehydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth.


However, the alcohol draws moisture out of the skin, making it dry and flaky.


While the moisturise-based aftershave contain essential oils that fulfill the purpose of alcohol by preventing the growth of bacteria. Get a moisturiser that contains tea tree or Aloe Vera.



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