Why Facial Cleansing Is Essential before Going to Sleep

Date Posted:30 April 2018 

Brushing, shaving, showers, and facial cleansing are some of the common rituals that many of us perform twice a day. However, the majority of us skip the facial cleanse before going to bed. You might want to think twice before you skip that simple and easy cleanse, as there are actually several advantages of facial cleansing! Below are a couple of reasons why you may want to consider incorporating this incredible practice into your schedule.



1. Scientific research


Dermatologists suggest that cleansing your face at night could be beneficial for your health and beauty. Our skin cells replenish while sleeping, as blood supply to the face increases and several essential metabolic processes take place.


Cleansing your face and applying the right cosmetic products before sleeping can, and likely will help you look younger and healthier and longer than ever before.


2. Skin is constantly in contact with debris throughout the day


Our skin comes into contact with several things throughout our day. We’re constantly touching things, and dirt and bacteria get stuck onto our hands.  Some of us have a habit of touching our face as well, which transfers this dirt and bacteria onto the skin on our face.


If you don’t wash your face before going to sleep, the bacteria can multiply exponentially, causing damage in appearance and structure to your skin. Cleanse your face before sleeping to remove the dirt, bacteria and oils that may have accumulated throughout the day.


3. The advantages of cosmetic products


As mentioned above, while sleeping, your skin starts its natural self-healing and repairing processes. The pores open up, metabolism and blood flows increases and dead skin cells break away. If your skin is covered with dirt, this natural repairing process is hindered.


Cleansing your face removes these foreign particles so your skin is able to absorb moisturizers and lotions more efficiently. If you use anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products before you sleep.  the pores and skin cells react more effectively.


It is also beneficial to apply  face masks regularly to remove blackheads and clean the pores. However, do not over=do this, as the acids present in these exfoliating products can penetrate the skin deeply, possibly resulting in sensitive skin.


Those who are short of time can use warm water and a gentle face wash to clean your face effectively. Use a cotton ball to wipe away dirt and debris from your face as you go about your nighttime routine. A study shows that about 65% of the oil and debris gets washed away with water. Therefore, you can apply beauty products to the best effect.



There are numerous benefits in adopting a regular cleansing routine each night. So, start today and experience the difference!



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